“ getunboxedza really came through for your girl🔥❤ I’m loving each and everything I received from the getunboxed jewellery subscription box.” - itumeleng_mudau
“I got value for my 💰 if not more! and don't regret it one bit! This experience was so different from shopping in a store as I could not see or pick out the exact specific pieces I would want.. BUT!!! This saved me TIME and MONEY. What gets better than having your own personal shopper and personalized box sent straight to your door.” - 21stcentury_nefertiti
“ @getunboxedza managed to personalise my jewellery box to accommodate my extremely diverse style! I’m absolutely loving all the pieces!” - xizzeyecandy
“I’m unboxed! I’m impressed by how they did get my style, minimalistic casual pieces and glam pieces for special occasions. The packaging, personalisation and surprise are absolutely amazing.” - gail_mokwatlo
”The team curated an assortment of accessories that reflect my personality and motivate me to embrace who I am and be unapologetically proud of it!” - yelloworchidchild
“My excitement is out of this world!This packaging? I LOVE IT! This subscription service is way better & easier than running around looking for cute items in stores, all I did was select the style of jewellery I like & received this personalised box filled with fashion jewellery specifically picked to suit my style at my doorstep.” - utracy_m
“I love the idea of a subscription service and the fact that you get something different every time. It's like opening a gift every time you get one” - lerato_chantelle
“I am surprised by the quality of the accessories and the fact that they add the price tags is even better, you get your money's worth and more!!📿 I love how perfectly packaged every piece is, individually in its own little bag, ensuring that the accessory doesn't discolor over time!! “ - shannon.uijs
“What’s amazing is that they provide a unique service that I feel is most needed especially as we’re currently in a pandemic. They eliminate the effort of going to a physical store and the subscription service is a money saver!” - chizoba_mkhwanazi
“ I love everything @getunboxedza got me, they got my style right, the product is high quality, the packaging is amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen better and the delivery time is excellent as well.” - __zeekhoza
“This is actually my second box as the first box I received wasn't completely me and a commitment they make to their subscribers is that they'll take your box back and personally work with you to get it right, so, this box is much more me. I just keep taking more and more pieces out the box, was so surprised” - pavla.and.allegra
“They definitely got my style right! I absolutely love that the box it comes in is beautiful, reusable and recyclable if you want to get rid of it. All the accessories come in black jewellery bags, which is great for storage 😁 I'm so happy with this service, honestly recommend it, it's true value for your moola.” - somayahendricks

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